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Billions of dollars are spent every year by people trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Many of those dollars are spent on “quick fix” programs including diets, exercise and specialty foods. The money spent in the personal health industry has not produced a healthier society.
Lynda Lee Smith takes a common sense, logical approach as part of a life strategy focused on permanent mental change. By committing to a mental shift or “rewiring” of the mind, anyone can start their journey to permanent physical change. Her philosophy of optimizing your health allows you to maximize your overall life potential.
“Lynda provides a no-nonsense approach to becoming a healthier you—no matter what hand Mother Nature dealt you.  Stop wasting time looking for those 'get healthy quick' schemes and follow the solid guidance this book offers.  Stop procrastinating and learn how to achieve the optimal health you deserve.”  ~Dr. William Shivers, Psychiatrist, CEO of New Visions Center for Health and Wellness, Board Certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology ~~~ “Lynda's focus on lifestyle versus method is definitely the key to her message.  Whether you are male or female, the concepts in this book will allow you to drive a stake right into the heart of the demon called WEIGHT LOSS once and for all!” ~Dan Bouchard, Retired National Hockey League Goalie ~~~ “I am very impressed with this book…Lynda has addressed the most important aspects of being the healthiest person you can be.” ~Jacqueline W. Fincher, MD, FACP, McDuffie Medical Associates
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Audiobook - Rewire the Circuitry of Your Brain and Achieve Optimum Health

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