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I'm Lynda...


I want to tell you what brought me to the place where I help people change their lives by changing their daily habits. I spent the first 25 years of my life in a rural, low income area of dirt roads with little access to resources. But that didn't stop me from dreaming BIG!  Growing up on the farm allowed me to learn some extremely valuable principles that have served me well in both my personal and professional aspirations.  Determination, perseverance and hard work combined with a clearly defined strategy works, no matter what your circumstances might be.  You will not learn those principles in a textbook.  I saved money anyway I could.  And I didn't mind getting my hands dirty.  I wanted to build enough wealth so I never had to worry about having enough money.  I never wanted to be dependent on any one job because I needed a paycheck. I wanted financial freedom that would allow me to make my own decisions.

I wanted to demonstrate that I could achieve great wealth the old-fashioned way, with no resources and no one to pull me up.  I had a slight advantage because I was blessed to be able to witness my parents achieve their life dreams through blood, sweat and tears.  My Dad is gifted with an abundance of common sense.  After some family tragedy, he decided to drop out of school in the tenth grade.  He was told he would never amount to anything but he knew exactly who he was and what he loved to do.  He also knew he would be starting at the bottom and working his way up the hard way.  

My Mom went to nursing school and became a LPN.  Neither of them made much money, but they strategically managed what they had every week.  And while they had no idea that I was listening, I WAS!  I watched them stretch money in order to save every penny they could.  Not only did they know who they were but they also knew what mattered most to them.  Land, a new house, education for me and my sister were the things they wanted to have, and they wanted no debt, which meant no mortgage and no loans of any kind. Watching them sacrifice to accrue cash and then purchase the land, build the house (paying as they went over 2.5 years) and then ultimately sending me and my sister to college definitely impacted my approach to wealth creation.  It was proof I could take it to the next level!  They taught me to respect every dollar and make each one count.

My own college professors told me I could not successfully achieve wealth the way my parents did, the "old-fashioned" way.  I was told that was no longer possible and debt management was the key moving forward. I had just witnessed first hand the "old-fashioned" way come to life, but they didn't get it.  It gave me pain even at that age to know business majors were being taught out of a textbook with no mention of developing a life strategy to achieve wealth.  I didn't have any mentors or access to other resources, so I had to go with my gut.  If the professors were right then my plan wouldn't work. So I had to discard their opinion and push on.  

I decided to take my parents' basic approach to saving money and develop my own strategy to achieve wealth. It all began with paying myself first from every paycheck!  With a simple, common-sense approach, along with determination, hard work and sacrifice, I was on my way.   By maintaining the concept of "respect for every dollar and making each one count",  I was going to realize everything I dreamed of in my life.  It does not matter how much money you earn, it only matters how much of that money you keep.  By prioritizing your spending habits to serve your REAL LIFE GOALS, you can achieve wealth no matter your circumstances or educational background.  That is what inspires me the most!  Anyone can follow my strategy and achieve wealth.

Once I committed to the plan, I started seeing my bank account grow.  Suddenly, I was creating true wealth with a common-sense strategy I could use my entire life.  That’s when I realized that the true secret to saving money was changing THE WAY YOU SEE MONEY IN YOUR BRAIN, and understanding how small amounts of money saved over time can create phenomenal wealth!  It is a mental shift!

Saving money takes a long time. I never made huge amounts of money through my salary, and neither did my husband. I never had an inheritance or anyone else to depend on for money.  I started with the pocket change my Dad saved me every day until I was age 10.  Even when saving up to 30% of my net paycheck, the amount grew slowly. Safe investments minimize the risk, but also minimize the upside potential. 


By working the plan consistently, setting goals and timelines, the benefits of compound interest kicked in and my money begin to make money every month.  And after many years of embracing this common-sense, logical approach, my husband and I made it into the “millionaire’s club”!  It was rewarding to know the plan, along with the hard work, commitment, and perseverance worked and we made it!  We still apply the exact same strategy today to continue building wealth.  

For years, I have been sharing this strategy with others to help them realize they can fulfill their life dreams!  Impacting the lives of others is essential to my life purpose.  By simply sharing knowledge and experience, I can help others reach their life dreams.  As a result, I have now developed a step-by-step strategy for wealth creation that anyone can follow, no matter your circumstances.  You can start with no money or some money.  My strategy allows you to determine what financial success means to you and chart your own path to achieve it. 

I want to inspire people to dream and know they can fulfill those dreams, even when the circumstances may seem insurmountable.  Being dependent on a paycheck is restricting and limits the ability to dream.  Empowering people to think beyond today's paycheck and setting a course for financial freedom is my personal goal.

In the end, all of this means I am now able to live my ultimate life dream of not just creating wealth for myself, but also providing guidance to others to transform their lives and create their own wealth success story.  There is nothing more exhilarating than having the opportunity to positively impact the life of another person.

In addition to my wealth story, I am a huge advocate for applying a similar strategy to achieving the greatest health possible- no matter what your DNA might be.  Developing an overall life strategy for health and wealth ensures you not only reach your wealth goals, but also your health goals. 


Living an abundant life filled with wealth and the health to enjoy it is the ultimate dream!  

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