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Your health is determined 80% by what you eat, and 20% by the exercises you do. If you want to change your body and your health and your future, you MUST change the daily decisions you make about what you eat. Change is HARD, but if the reasons WHY you want to improve your health is important enough to you, you CAN do it. Lynda's grandfather told her she was going to be "just like all the big-boned women in our family" when she was 10. The next day she determined she was not going to be, and began her journey of self education on health! Growing up on a farm in the middle of no-where (before the internet existed) did not give her a lot of options. But she worked on her plan for years. Today, Lynda is the same size she was in college, and the system she uses is second nature to her. It can be for you as well. If you want to figure out how to rewire the circuitry of your brain and achieve your own optimum health, this book is for you!

Digital Copy of Rewire the Circuitry of Your Brain and Achieve Optimum Health

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