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  • This 3-day training will walk you through every step you need to follow to set up your own PBOD! 
  • YOUR LIFE IS YOUR COMPANY AND YOU ARE THE CEO! I am super excited to share this information with you and provide you new perspective on how to manage your life to maximize your potential and reach new heights. If you listen to my podcasts, watch my YouTube videos, or have read my books, you have heard me say that “YOU are the CEO of your own life”. That is not just a tagline, I genuinely believe it. And I also believe, just like a company, if you don’t actively manage the decisions you make every day, you will never reach your full potential. Strong and courageous leadership is the difference between success and mediocrity.
  • This training will walk you through the process of WHY you need a PBOD, and how to build one. I will walk you through WHICH POSITIONS you need on your BOD, WHY each one is important for your development and personal growth, and WHO you should approach to fill these. I will even give you an explanation to share with your potential Board Members, and what questions to ask them.
  • Build your company (YOUR LIFE) for the greatest success by asking for help from people who have already accomplished the goals you have for yourself!

3-Day Build Your Own Personal Board of Directors Audio Prorgam

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